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One less thing to worry about 😀 ....

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The new 5 year NHS and Microsoft deal will provide great value to NHS organisations, a secure environment in which to collaborate and innovate, and not to mention the avoidance of unexpected hidden costs and impact to facilitate change.

I am personally glad this has happened as NHS organisations have invested significant time in learning, developing and solving problems using Microsoft 365 and solutions integrated with 365.

It is truly embedded in what is the largest employer in Europe and 5th largest in the world at 1.5+ million employees. This doesn't include the potential impact on all the companies that work with and support the NHS who have invested in Microsoft and 365 to make collaboration easier. This will keep things moving with less disruption and less wastage of funds by avoiding unnecessary change and worry for NHS Trusts.

This is one less thing for the NHS workforce to worry about, well done!

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