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Faster Business Intelligence

Developing business intelligence that meets operational and clinical demands in near-real time


The Trust were implementing a significant hospital system upgrade to meet the operational and clinical demands from service users. However, valuable data was locked away in the system that was required in near-realtime for clinical and service use. The business intelligence solutions in place were restricted by more traditional data warehousing processes that required the overnight updates which was too late for service users.


We reviewed the data warehouse processes and reporting, and balanced this against the business requirements for data. This identified that the data was not flowing fast enough and in some cases was not available to users.

In partnership with the Trust we developed a specification of the work required and supporting project plan. We then developed novel techniques to process data from the source system to the data warehouse and reporting in near-realtime to support reporting in a number of areas.

  • Accident & Emergency

  • Waiting Lists

  • Clinic Utilisation

  • Performance Measurement

Users received data and intelligence when required empowering them to become data-driven.

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