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Introducing Power Platform

Accelerating digital solutions by introducing Microsoft Power Platform at scale.


The NHS organisation business intelligence service was based on legacy technology and had not moved to cloud technologies to support the growth plans of the business intelligence service.

There were a number of issues associated with the technology stack and service.

  • High cost for skills and lack of professional workforce to support development

  • Steep learning curve on software

  • High maintenance requirements and on-premise

  • Lack of adoption and peer network in the NHS

  • Growing backlog due to long development cycles

  • Unable offer lower skill entry and governed citizen development options


Modeii looked for solutions for the client by trialling a number of technologies to see if it solved the problems being faced. After extensive research, Microsoft Power Platform and more specifically Power BI was selected. This quickly helped reduce the backlog, shortened the development life cycle and moved the orgnisation to cloud technologies, whilst upskilling the workforce in more modern practices.

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