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Predicting Missed Appointments

The NHS faces a £1bn problem in patients missing appointments.

The NHS faces a £1bn problem in patients missing appointments. This revelation motivated the client to want to build an AI solution that could predict the likelyhood of a child not being brought to their hospital appointment.

Kevin worked with the client to design a solution that could be scalable and commercialised in healthcare. The process started with design sessions and working closely with the organisations own data science team to build a proof of concept. Once proven successful, the next iteration of the solution was designed in Azure cloud which allowed the AI to be shared with 10 other hospitals. This allowed us to test the generalisation of the AI product and help to scale the soltuion.

The latest stage of the product was to develop a commercial SaaS solution on Azure. The architecture was designed and a self service hosted soltuion was made available to existing customers.

This was a great a project to show how to move from an initial idea and iterate to a commercial product.

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